Is BC the artisan, shoe design capital of Canada?

We have come across some really interesting and well-made shoes crafted or designed in BC. When we started to see just how many there are, we found nine shoes designers. Is this all part of the returning manufacturing to our shores? A movement called re-shoring is taking place in the USA, and Europe. This is … Continue reading

LaSalle College student designers show innovation at Vancouver Fashion Week

The student designers from LaSalle College demonstrated innovative ways to reflect modern architecture in their collections at Vancouver Fashion Week. A selection panel chose four students, whose collections demonstrated the skill and innovation, taught at LaSalle College Vancouver. Jesper Anerstedt, originally from Sweden, kept his pallet simple, choosing to use only white with either royal … Continue reading

VALT (Vancouver Alternative Fashion) hits the right note

This is the second year for Vancouver Alternative Fashion founded by Kat Ferneyhough and Kat Kozak, two talented women from Toronto, who recently moved to Vancouver.   They have figured out that in Vancouver, people go to fashion shows to be entertained or to be seen, unlike Montreal and Toronto, where the main audiences are buyers … Continue reading

Fashion Notes from London

In a recent December trip to London, we were pleasantly surprised to find a number of fashion events that month. Everything from the British Fashion Awards to Isabella Blow exhibition. The British Fashion Awards on December 2 gave their votes to Christopher Kane for Womenswear Designer of the year, Christopher Bailey for Menswear designer and … Continue reading

Craft Conference reveals challenges that affect both Craft and Fashion in BC

We recently attended 40th anniversary conference at Granville Island, from October 17 – 19. The Craft Council of British Columbia, a charitable arts service organization that creates opportunities for artists to exhibit, sell and produce art and provides a voice for artists and craft organizations, organized the conference. We quickly identified that the challenges that … Continue reading

Eco Fashion Week shows West Coast Designers and Re-makers

Eco Fashion Week had a variety of designers and stylists from Vancouver show their collections in October. There were also some creative re-makers (make clothing from existing clothing), some from Vancouver and one as far away as Hungary. Once again, Eco Fashion Week had three stylists use clothing from Value Village (not one of our … Continue reading

Evening of Fashion and Entertainment at the Imperial

Garde entertainment put on an enjoyable event at the Imperial on Main Street. The old theatre has bee revamped and provided the perfect backdrop for the fashion event to benefit the charity “Out in Schools”. The evening started out with the couture Designer, Eva Chen. She showed a retrospective of some of her very detailed … Continue reading

Men’s Fashion Week Vancouver has some unexpected surprises

This year, Men’s Fashion Week was held at the Woodward’s Atrium a potentially good venue except for the intrusion of shoppers at London Drugs and Nestor’s Food store. The show was wedged between both stores, despite the security; there were a significant amount of shoppers, which distracted from the show. At least 50% of the … Continue reading

Diana Vreeland set the template for today’s Vogue

We were fortunate to see the Diana Vreeland documentary “The eye has to travel” last week and were quite surprised to learn that the great Vogue magazine innovator was Diana Vreeland. She was born in Paris and immigrated with her parents to the USA. She eventually became the editor of Harper’s Bazar where she introduced … Continue reading

Montreal Fashion Week-Culture and Fashion

Montreal Fashion Week featured designers, who live in Montreal, but came from many other countries. Their designs for Fall/Winter 2013/14 reflected their culture and Montreal fashion, a unique combination. The rest of Canada rarely sees designs from other Canadian cities. Too bad we cannot have a National Fashion Week to show off all the talented … Continue reading

Are Canadian Fashion Magazines promoting Canadian Designers?

I decided to conduct a small; content analysis study of three Canadian Fashion Magazines to see how much Canadian designed and manufactured fashion has been profiled. I looked at Flare magazine, the quintessential Canadian magazine, Elle Canada, a newcomer to the Canadian Fashion scene and Fashion, a Toronto based fashion magazine. The results quite surprised … Continue reading

Vancouver shops make great seasonal window display

This year several Vancouver shops made an effort to have a different kind of seasonal window display. We have commented in the past about the importance of good window displays to encourage shoppers to visit your store. This year we spotted some more interesting window display.  Lululemon on Cambie and West Broadway had a more … Continue reading

Valt (Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week) combines music, fashion & art. Does it work?

Valt is in Vancouver for the first time. It is a show that has been successful in Toronto, for seven years.We attended the last night (three nights) of Valt at Ironworks on Alexander St. The evening was a combination of music, fashion and art. It started off with designs from Avid and Crone Designs followed by a … Continue reading

Plenty gives you plenty plus more (Store Review)

We were quite attracted to the Winter Window Display at the Plenty Store on West Broadway.  What caught our interested was the beautiful textured display in the window and the winter poem written on the window in gold. Instead of the usual Christmas display, once again, Plenty chose to have a winter display. In a … Continue reading

Craft show has some surprising fashion buys (Part 1)

We had somewhat given up on Circle Craft, as it had got too predictable and not enough new talent was showing their work. We were somewhat surprised to find quite a few new craftsmen and talent not only from BC but from Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. We will focus on the clothing in this article … Continue reading

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