Eco Fashion Week discovers new talent

Eco Fashion Week showed some new talented eco designers who had some breath taking collections. Everything from sophisticated lady to the fanciful was shown on the runway on the third and fourth day of the event. Speakers were on the first day and Value Village the second day. Eco fashion Week series of speakers provided … Continue reading

Malene Grotrian’s Spring Collection-Bright and Versatile

Malene Grotrian held a “by invitation only” unveiling of her Spring 2013 Collection of bamboo fabric dresses, tops, skirts and jackets. She demonstrated the versatility of each of the pieces. Everything from tops that could be worn several ways, a jacket that could be adapted to be long or short at the back and dresses … Continue reading

Montreal Fashion Week-Culture and Fashion

Montreal Fashion Week featured designers, who live in Montreal, but came from many other countries. Their designs for Fall/Winter 2013/14 reflected their culture and Montreal fashion, a unique combination. The rest of Canada rarely sees designs from other Canadian cities. Too bad we cannot have a National Fashion Week to show off all the talented … Continue reading

Designer collection not for the faint-hearted

Roxanne Nikki recently showed her collection to a select number of the fashion community at a new Pop-Up Shop in Tinseltown. The stark white space was the perfect place to show a large collection of faux fur, leather and some wool, men and women’s clothing. The collection reflected the “Year of the Dragon” hard-edged leather … Continue reading

Former Vivienne Westwood Intern uses Eco Prints

A look at a Vancouver Eco Designer’s  Fall/Winter 2012/13 Collection and Store on West 4th Avenue in Vancouver gives us insight into Nicole Bridger’s philosophy. The F/W collections were introduced on the stage at the Vogue Theatre in the form of an ethereal dance as part of Eco Fashion Week.  The dance was an interesting … Continue reading

Jaqueline Conoir- It’s all about the fabric and the details

Jaqueline Conoir (JC) studio on 164 West Fifth Avenue in Vancouver was a light and airy space with a view of the downtown.  The street level, ground floor has all the Fall/Winter 2012/13 Jaqueline Conoir collection and the edgier JAC collection, both designed by RozeMerie Cuevas. The Jaqueline Conoir turquoise inspired motorcycle jacket in a … Continue reading

Designer uses models with “real bodies” for Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Malene Grotrain, a Vancouver Designer, unveiled her Fall/Winter 2012 collection at Performance Works on Tuesday. The collection was shown on women with “real bodies” who modeled some interesting designs that can be worn several different ways. The first piece I took note of was the Windcatcher chiffon dress that can worn as a scarf, worn … Continue reading

Vancouver Designer’s innovative, convertible two in one or three in one designs

Four Vancouver Designers have been thinking outside the box. Bronsino, Carnal Designs, Adhesif Clothing and Clutch Jewels have all designed something that is multi-purpose and can be worn several ways. Carnal Designs has designed a scarf print dress that easily converts into a skirt. It can be found Bronsino,who designed the Vancouver popular Harrlem … Continue reading

San Soucie-Vancouver Designer shows in New York

Katherine Soucie, designer for San Soucie, has been invited by Mad Girl productions to show her collections at the Bryant Hotel during New York Fashion Week. Mad Girl Productions travels the US on the outlook for lesser known artists, fashion designers and musicians and stages a show. This time they have chosen New York. Katherine … Continue reading

Menswear Forecast Spring/Summer 2013/14

Trend Fashions Marketing & Forecasting presented a fashion forecast for 2013/14 Menswear at Men’s Fashion Week in Vancouver. The five influences presented and discussed help fashion designers and retailers to understand where their customer fits and how to have product that fits into their customer’s unique lifestyle. The presentation focused on life style and market … Continue reading

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