Vancouver craft shows have quality and unique accessory finds

This summer, we attended several craft shows, the Vancouver Folk Festival and the Circle Craft summer market. It is always a pleasure to find something that is wearable and has a unique quality that the artisan has incorporated into the piece.

At the Vancouver Folk Festival I found three unique items. The first, were some lovely necklaces that had tiny beads poured into a netting tube that gave them an African trade bead look. They were made by Valentina Zimina. We really loved the unique colours and designs. The second were several unique bag designs using fabric from Ghana designed by a Canadian/Ghanaian, Naa Sheka Riby-Williams who used a modern design and incorporated the colourful fabrics found in Ghana, West Africa. She also had some unique trade beads. We were impressed by her commitment to using African fabrics. “Warrior Queen” is an ongoing fashion trend.The third item we saw were rain boots (can be folded)

craft 1


and shoes imported from Japan. Two women were looking for something unique to bring to Vancouver and when they saw these “almost handcrafted” boots and shoes, they found their niche and started Branches and Knots. It looks like others agreed; their booth was very crowded.

Circle Craft held their second summer craft show down at the waterfront. Once again we found items that were well made and very wearable at any time of the year. Anat Basanta bracelets and chainmail collar/necklace caught our eye. We liked the simplicity of the bracelets offset by a bead or pearls. Easily worn with the Minimalist look that is trending now. The chainmail collar/necklace stood out with its raw edges and button. Nikki Babie’s long skirt with and asymmetric frill can be worn in many different configurations, everything from a strapless short dress to a halter-top or tunic. Although there is not a lot of construction involved, the wearability is what we liked.



Three other artisans impressed us. One was Naomi Levitin’s necklaces and bracelet. Impeccably made necklaces with lots of detail on each link and her wrap around bracelet with a heart. Her Etsy site has many more designs. We were quite taken with Anonum bags and belts made from coloured rubber by Olivia Buhren. Attention to detail and a very linear, simple design. The last item we came across were coloured circles on a choker (choker’s are a Fall 2014/15 trend). Effie Baker was wearing her large pair of peace symbol, silver wire earrings. We loved them.


As usual, Vancouver based artisans have produced quality, interesting and wearable pieces. Be sure the check them out.




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