LaSalle College student designers show innovation at Vancouver Fashion Week

The student designers from LaSalle College demonstrated innovative ways to reflect modern architecture in their collections at Vancouver Fashion Week. A selection panel chose four students, whose collections demonstrated the skill and innovation, taught at LaSalle College Vancouver.

Jesper Anerstedt, originally from Sweden, kept his pallet simple, choosing to use only white with either royal blue of black print. His silhouette was close to the body and the dresses and suits had angular cuts with colour blocking.

ls col 1


Yicheng Chen used leather, transparency and flowers with khaki and black. It looked like the flowers had been hand painted on leather, creating a softer feel to the leather. Yicheng used angular cuts on cap sleeves and on the bodices and shoulders. We liked the use of black transparency.

ls col 2


Rachel Liu used a simple pallet of brown and cream and had almost half wings at the shoulder. She kept the theme throughout the tops with pants and shorts, as well as the short and long dresses. The collection was both cohesive and innovative.

ls col 3


Sonya Jang wowed us with her hand dyed fabric, mimicking rust and corrugated metal We loved the interesting use of rust coloured fabric to create interest at the back of garments instead of creating all the interest in the front. The subtle touch of rust was quite beautiful and creative. Many of the garments had sleeves, but done in a creative way, something women are asking for.

ls col 4


Overall, LaSalle College demonstrated the talent of their students and the faculty who have taught them so many interesting techniques. A college to watch.



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