Womenswear Trends Spring/Summer 2014-15

The trends for women’s wear break all the rules for the Spring+Summer by using colours that work both for summer as well as Fall+Winter. Textiles, patterns and silhouettes also throw away the traditional and opt for a different approach. There are five major themes: Balance & Harmony, Dark Story, Warrior Queen, Graffiti and Sweetness.


Balance and Harmony is a simple style that depends on cut and neutral colours such as beige, grey, white and navy. Fabric used are tropical wools, linen, chambray and silk.


Dark Story consists of dark floral, iridescent leathers and fabrics with a lean silhouette, drop waist, deco prints, long skirts-to the floor. Colours: dark green, brown, purple and navy blue.


Warrior Queen celebrates strong women from all ethnicities but has a distinctive African sensibility. Feathers, leather bondage, slashing fabric details. Silhouette is layered and draped. Colours: mud green, dark red, brown, black and orange.


Graffiti uses the fabric to express artistic expression. Everything from print used as texture to cartoons, digital prints, and jewels, trim usually used in sportswear. Large shirts and t-shirts, simple dress shapes, sportswear and fake fur coats. Colours: pink, green, red, cobalt, yellow and aqua.


Sweetness is the best of new fabrics and shapes. Transparency with black trim, lace, digital flowers, mat and shine. The silhouette is simple origami shape, asymmetric, with both stiff and or soft shapes. Colours: white, pink, peach, lavender, black and mint.

The Spring/Summer 2014-15 collections are both diverse and multi-seasonal. Something for everyone.  For a detailed report contact us at “About”.


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