Men’s Fashion Forecast Spring/Summer 2014-15

Spring/Summer 2014-15 sees the classic men’s suit made modern and reconstructed. More workplaces are less formal but may still require a suit that is flexible and can be worn as separates or together.


Monochromatic is a key feature in the forecast with both blue from head to toe in Summer Blue with sports inspired clothing and black to grey print and solids in Broken Surfaces. Black and white prints are featured in Broken Surfaces with everything from embroidered frock coats, brocade to hand drawn lines and graphics.


mens 6

Classic beige. brown and touches of neon yellow are seen in the Minimalist with very little detail, and sports fabrication. Colour is the key feature in the 1950’s with less structured jackets, sweater’s and tops.



Camping Trip colours are more in the earth tones with a decidedly Boy Scout or “gone fishing” sensibility. Madras prints show up in jackets with large pockets or shorter shorts or alternatively camo prints.


The tropical print in Tropical Storm has not gone away but continues with a darker background and with pants and shorts in plain or printed woven with a sheen finish.


Colour blocks are used in a creative way in both sportswear and suits. This time the colour blocks are more angular and bright colours used with white.


Overall, Spring/Summer 2014-15 reflects more creativity in menswear, something that has also been seen on the street.

5 Responses to “Men’s Fashion Forecast Spring/Summer 2014-15”
  1. michaelbiro says:

    Love this post! Great content, great photos!


  2. Caitlyn Bell says:

    Fabulous pics……Clothes are looking so stylish and fashionable. I really like your collection especially the collection of formal clothes. Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful collection.

  3. great post! love the tropical trend, I think it can work quite well if done in the right dosage.- Aaron

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