Update to women’s wear fashion trends-Fall/Winter 2013/14

The Fall/Winter 2013 – 2014 women’s wear forecast features digital applications in printing and design but the mystic and the organic are also a trend that continues into 2014.

fw 1

Edgy but fluid with a water or night skies that reflect both science and mysticism. Colours are deep blues, greens, and purples.


Design that creates an illusion using digital design to create a look that is iridescent. Each layer merging into each other. Colour is tinted pastels, used together.


A blocking, dimension that is almost sculptural. Cut with a laser, heavy weight jersey or laminated. Colours: Grey with white, gold, pink/browns, beige and mustard.


Digital print with sculptured or soft design. The new printing allows more graphic expression. Hot colours that work together.


No rules, like a child choosing their clothes. Pattern and accessories designed not to match. Colours are bright from pink to red, blue to red and green and yellows.

fw 6

Many layers with natural and organic soft shapes, fur, tweeds and many textures. Colours are natural browns, greens, greyed purple and mustard

fw 7

The historical turned into the modern, very decorative, silk, lace, textural like a tapestry but using updated technology. Colours: Pinks, rich reds, gold and metallic mustard and pale details.


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