Eco Fashion Week shows West Coast Designers and Re-makers

Eco Fashion Week had a variety of designers and stylists from Vancouver show their collections in October. There were also some creative re-makers (make clothing from existing clothing), some from Vancouver and one as far away as Hungary.

Once again, Eco Fashion Week had three stylists use clothing from Value Village (not one of our favourite used clothing outlets). Evan Ducharme, a very talented Vancouver designer, stayed true to his design aesthetic and produced some deceptively simple garments, keeping his pallet contained, using only black, white and grey. Hard to believe they came from used clothing. Dandilion Wind Opaine, a multi-talented stylist, came up with some colourful creations that followed in the footsteps of Comme Des Garçons Collection of colourful, dimensional clothing. We especially loved the tights and sweaters.


The Re-makers

There were four Re-makers showing their collection’s, Sally Omeme, Wendy Van Riesen of Dahlia Drive, Tammy Joe of Young Oak and Matild Janosi of Tildart. Each re-maker had their own unique method of re-styling clothes.

Sally Omeme  takes existing clothing and  tears them apart and knits the strands into a new garment. We especially liked the silver dress and the long skirt that looked like camouflage.  She may need some help from a stylist to show a bit more of a cohesive collection but we loved the results of her work.

Matild Janosi of Tildart came all the way from Hungary to show us what can be done with old film footage and bike tires and parts. She had a sizable collection starting out with re-made bike inner tubes and parts as accessories. It reminded me of a Montreal collection (C5H8 by Ethik-BGC) shown at Eco Fashion Week last year. She also came up with some fantastic clothing made from old film footage.

eco 2

Wendy Van Risen of Dahlia Drive uses many types of materials and garments and remakes/dyes them into fantastic creations. We loved her designs that floated down the runway. Her work has gone through some major transformations.


Tammy Joe of Young Oak is a master of re-design. Each of her re-made creations showed extremely good construction and equally excellent creativity. We thought some of her work was couture quality, especially the eveningwear.

eco 4

The last collections came from Twigg & Hottie, an eco retailer located on Main Street. They showed some of the designers that they stock, mixed with their own line, WE3. They now have been in business for 10 years, almost a record for an Eco clothing retailer. We were pleased to see that Vancity had sponsored them.

Good work ladies.

We would recommend that Eco Fashion Week come up with a bit of heat to keep the runway area warm or maybe some cozy blankets or hot chocolate.  Look forward to the next show in the spring.

(Thanks to Frock of Ages + Peter Jensen for photos)


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