Men’s Fashion Week Vancouver has some unexpected surprises

This year, Men’s Fashion Week was held at the Woodward’s Atrium a potentially good venue except for the intrusion of shoppers at London Drugs and Nestor’s Food store. The show was wedged between both stores, despite the security; there were a significant amount of shoppers, which distracted from the show. At least 50% of the audience had left halfway through. Despite the venue, there were some designers with real potential.

Several newbie designers show some significant talent. Courtney Billinkoff, a recent designer graduate, showed some interesting bike wear to casual office clothing. We especially liked the beige, asymmetrical jacket and the brown jacket with lots of piping. “Style on a bike”. Will we see our mayor wearing this to work? Danielle Nicole Holyk, another recent graduate, showed men’s clothing with lots of hidden pockets for technology and security. The grey and beige jacket on a tall, blonde model was our favourite. We hope both designers will continue designing for these niche markets.


 Trish Petrovich, a womenswear designer, tried her hand at menswear and with great success. We loved the digital prints for jackets and t-shirts with circuit boards, space scene (was that Yuri Gagarin on the t-shirt). Not only were the tops interesting but the pants, especially the gray ones, an updated cargo pant but better. We hope to see her next menswear collection.


Adam Welch of Doberman came up from Seattle to show us his take on great American sportswear.  His jackets were a cross between American sportswear and a European attention to interesting detail. We liked the cotton jackets, well made and well fitted. His collection reminded me of a French Canadian label for women called “Atelier b” but for men.



Attention to detail was missing in some of the other collections, everything from fit, poor styling such as old scuffed shoes worn by some models . We have  four (4 )local shoes designers, maybe a call and loan from them would improve the shoes) ,too ethnic or just out of fashion. We would advise a really good stylist on the designer selection panel next year and a consultation with a trend forecast.


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