PR Company adds Sales Agency services for “Made in Canada” fashion items

Sarah Murray of Fashion Capsule Communications + Sales Agency, has been an ongoing advocate for eco fashion and “made in Canada” fashion. She started her PR agency a few years ago, representing a long list of Vancouver fashion and accessory designers such as Jovani, Eliza Faulkner, Standing Armed, Voyou, Blank, Dahlia Drive, Roxanne Nikki, H art and fashion, Hailey Gerrits, and Buenostyle. She has been helping them, by raising awareness with the media that there are some great designs made in Canada and successfully got the fashion magazines to sit up and take notice.





Her clients asked if she would represent their brands to retailers. Sarah has taken the plunge  and offered a  sales agent service. In addition to PR, Media Relations and Sales Agency, Fashion Capsule Communications also has the Style Lounge for stylists’ looking for clothing and accessories for their shoots and a full look book service. It would be difficult or impossible to find all these services under one roof and all Canadian too. Check them out.


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