Eco Fashion Week discovers new talent

Eco Fashion Week showed some new talented eco designers who had some breath taking collections. Everything from sophisticated lady to the fanciful was shown on the runway on the third and fourth day of the event. Speakers were on the first day and Value Village the second day.

Eco fashion Week series of speakers provided a landscape of the problems and some solutions to the present practices of the fashion industry that cause pollution, fast fashion and exploit labor in developing countries. Many speakers presented the problems but not the potential solutions with the exception of Shannon Whitehead, who profiled a selection of responsible designers.

The second day was all about Value Village. We made comments about Value Village last season. We hope some consideration will be made to change this event to profiling individuals and their clothing and what can be done to re-style existing clothes before they are disposed of and add a local Eco Designers piece to compliment the re-styled piece.

eco 1

Trisha  Tampersand,  of  Bhana is originally from South Africa and an Art Institute graduate. Her collection was sophisticated and original. A striped dress made of three fabrics and a jacket with asymmetric button placement was just two of the designs that we loved. Evan Ducharme, also an Art Institute graduate, had a collection that was a cross between Calvin Klein and Jil Saunder with a sleeveless cloak of khaki wool and a form fitting dress. Looking closely at his collection all the pieces were exceptionally well made and reflective of the 1950’s.

eco 2

Diana Svensk from Sweden had some charming pieces, mainly knits, some with sweet little velvet bows. A white sweater with lots of tiny red bows was a standout. Everything is made in South American but has a Swedish sensibility. Leane Elroy, one of out favourite Vancouver Designers, has moved her production to Indonesia and employs many families to do the production. She showed some graphic knits and  skirls with a transparent layer at the bottom.  We loved the versatility in all the pieces shown.

eco 3

Circle Craft sponsored a group of artisan designers. One was Vanessa Cunningham who specializes in woven wool scarves and shawls. She came up with a beautiful lace-like dress that was coordinated with her hand-woven shawls. Quite stunning. We were fortunate to see several knit collections from Bolivia one from Mama Rawa and another from Aywira. The  Aywira graphic striped dresses were in bright colours. We would have bought everything shown on the runway.

eco 4

Menswear and accessories were not forgotten. Adhesif, our favourite Remaker, added some menswear to the collection. We thought some of the pieces took real creativity and reflected menswear trends for Fall/Winter 2014/15, as did the Elroy collections. Leanne has designed some striking patterns for her men’s sweaters, focusing on some classics as well as graphics. Accessories took an interested turn with FiveLeft. The handbags and briefcases made an exciting entrance that complimented the collection. Lastly, PassedOutDog shoes worn by Elroy models were exciting. Speaking to Sabrina we learned that they were handmade using offcuts. There is nothing like them in Vancouver. Check them out.

eco 5

This year Eco Fashion week pulled out all the stops and presented new and interesting collections.  Let us see what next season brings.

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  1. Hi, I’m Claudia Perez AYWIRA’s designer and owner, thank you very much for your professional coments!!

  2. Rafael Escobar says:


    Brava! I love you. I am so glad we are friends.

    On Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 10:55 AM, trendfashion1

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