Are Canadian Fashion Magazines promoting Canadian Designers?

I decided to conduct a small; content analysis study of three Canadian Fashion Magazines to see how much Canadian designed and manufactured fashion has been profiled. I looked at Flare magazine, the quintessential Canadian magazine, Elle Canada, a newcomer to the Canadian Fashion scene and Fashion, a Toronto based fashion magazine.

cn mag

The results quite surprised me. Both Elle Canada (January 2013) and Flare (January 2013) almost tied, Flare had with 3 pages out of 130  with Canadian fashion, but to clarify, on a page of 9 products only 1 was Canadian. Elle Canada fared slightly worse with 2.5 pages out of 114 of Canadian Designers. Two pages in Elle had all Canadian Designer clothing and similar to Flare often 1 out of 5 products were Canadian. Flare and Elle Canada attempted to have some Canadian content by profiling Canadians but not designers nor their collections.

The hands down winner is Fashion (February 2013) with 22 pages out of 158 pages with all Canadian Designed collections. The editor, Bernadette Morra deserves our vote of thanks by being a true supporter and promoter of Canadian Fashion.  Send her a note If you are a Canadian Fashion Designer I bet she would love to see your work. Check out the article on page127 about 2 Charlottetown designers.  Think about it, London (England) supports British Design, Italy supports Italian Design. How about Canada supporting Canadian Design, especially our fashion magazines.


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