Men’s Accessories Trends-Spring/Summer 2013

The Accessory Trends for men in Spring/Summer 2013 reflect the trends in the UPDATE TO MENSWEAR SPRING/SUMMER 2013 TRENDS. In the 1980’s Revisited trend, red shoes and laces and multi-colored bags are important accessories. Tweed Biking features all the classic accessories such as camera bags, straw hat, paperboy hat, bow ties and brown or saddle oxford shoes. Cuban Chic accesories perfctly compliment the cuban styling with wide brim hats in straw or felt worn on an angle and a scarf and sandals or dessert boots with no socks. Subdued Subversion accessories such as the belt bag,  a fanny pack updated, black shoes with red laces and a leather shopper are quieter thn the interesting fabrication used in the suits. Lastly, Treasure Island accessories are a crocheted bag or a faded, worn canvas bag, a knotted scarf and espadrilles with string laces, perfect for a desert island

m.a 1 m.a2 m.a 3 m.a4 m.a5

2 Responses to “Men’s Accessories Trends-Spring/Summer 2013”
  1. cilkee1982 says:

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  2. Elli Davis says:

    And here I thought male fashion for the next season will be more colorful. And judging from a recent London example even more extravagant. However, I´m always glad when men´s fashion goes back to traditional, because I have this fondness for tweed and bow ties. If it´s styled correctly, it will definitely stand out above everything else. Still, this is a great collection so thank you for the inspiration.

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