Valt (Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week) combines music, fashion & art. Does it work?

Valt is in Vancouver for the first time. It is a show that has been successful in Toronto, for seven years.We attended the last night (three nights) of Valt at Ironworks on Alexander St. The evening was a combination of music, fashion and art. It started off with designs from Avid and Crone Designs followed by a band that had at least six or seven songs. We felt it was really too much, two or three  songs would be just fine, but if you are a music lover and it may be just right. We saw a lovely collection from Sans Soucie of both men’s and women’s’ clothing. The women’s’ clothing was colorful and wearable. The men’s clothing was a Remaker collection and had creative and interesting pieces. This was followed by deVah, a band of women with electronic instruments. A very talented foursome. Once again at least 2 songs too many. I was disappointed that  fashion designer Franz Patrick Albana  (discovered by us at VCC graduating show) decided  a week before not to show his collection, as it is quite lovely. Here are a few of his designs shown recently in Brooklyn.

Valt 1

valt 2

valt 3

It is difficult to cater to two different audiences, sometimes they are the same audience and other times they can be a completely different audience. Our recommendation for year two is to start with a few music sets then a healthy dose of fashion, perhaps a break with one or two songs, finish the fashion show then have the bands play for the rest of the night. This way the fashion people get their fashion and the music people get their music.   Also, it would be helpful if all the designers had working websites so you can view some of their work beforehand. Let’s see what happens next year.

2 Responses to “Valt (Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week) combines music, fashion & art. Does it work?”
  1. He backed out?!!! These people are so OFF! C’mon, how can we progress when we don’t showcase our success’? Ridiculous. The man is BRILLIANT! …in all aspects of a TRUE designer.

    • Hi Rafael,

      Are you back? Yes, Franz backed out. What a dissapointment. I was not too happy as I had got people to attend to see his and San souice Collection. What can I say.


      On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 4:58 PM, trendfashion1

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