Stylish accessories found at Craft show (Part 2)

Circle Craft ,Christmas Market has attracted some very talented accessory crafts artist to its’ 2012 show. Unique hats, bags, scarves and jewelry, mostly made in BC, reflect some of the trends seen on international runways.

Vanessa Cunningham’s hand-woven shawls reminded us of the wraps seen in Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2012 collection. She had a wide variety of large and small shawls in many exciting colours. Vivid Works from Comox Valley had designed fabulous hats and scarves very much the Vintage 20’s style seen on many runways. Koti bags, made in West Vancouver, were works of art especially the box bags in brilliant patterns. Another Fall/Winter 2012 trend.

We stumbled upon Mitcha felt bags in a variety of shapes reminding us of the Minimal trend  for Fall/Winter 2012/13. Such a simple idea with real impact. The complete opposite was Mala Mala brocade and jeweled scarves, part of the Baroque trend seen everywhere this winter. Mala Mala also made men’s neck warmers in plaids and tweeds part of the back to traditional men’s fabrics seen in the Tweed bicycle run.

Two items that we liked were the soft and warm hats and circle scarves from Olena Zylak. What was really practical about the neck warmer is that it actually was close enough to the neck to actually be warm (some circle scarves are too long and provide no warmth) and could also be pulled up over the head. The hats were in many different styles and work with a number of different face shapes.

We cannot say enough about Dconstruct bangles, earrings and necklaces. The very unique designs are made in Winnipeg and can be bought online or in shops in Vancouver. We love the string, bamboo and leaf designs as well as the gold and silver. Their display was packed with customers. They must like them as much as we do.


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