Craft show has some surprising fashion buys (Part 1)

We had somewhat given up on Circle Craft, as it had got too predictable and not enough new talent was showing their work. We were somewhat surprised to find quite a few new craftsmen and talent not only from BC but from Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. We will focus on the clothing in this article and the next article on accessories.

Two clothing designers that really stood out were Annie 50 and Eve Gravel from Montreal. Annie 50 had many interesting dresses and separates. We especially liked the dress with the piping detail that gave an asymmetrical look to the dress. Eve Gravel had the best of Montreal fashion with many interesting prints (not seen in BC) in mainly a black and white pallet. We noticed a few of the craft persons wearing the feather print dress. Her collection can be found at many Vancouver boutiques.

Two other Montreal based designers Judy Designs and Tib designs also had interesting clothing for two different target markets. Judy Designs featured many tops and dresses/tunics suited to a young crowd and Tib Design had a number of coats and jackets for a bit older target market. The finishes and fabric choices are what stood out.

Vancouver Designers, Chloe Angus and Talia Designs both focused on an older target market that is looking for quality and interesting design. Chloe really understands her market and was showing a very versatile piece that could be worn numerous different ways. In speaking to Chloe we felt she had a good grasp of her target market and really focuses on their specific needs.  Talia Designs, originally from Israel, has clothing for both a younger and older crowd but with a distinctive European flair and attention to detail.

Men were not forgotten. Carmen G from Montreal has a great line of raincoats (she must of lived in Vancouver) for both men and women. We really liked her men’s raincoats that come with a hood and are a fashionable addition to any man’s wardrobe. Accessories for men also included Noujica neck warmers and backpacks and Olena Zulak, from Ontario, hats made of wool and mohair (lovely and soft). Many  of the items can also be ordered online.

Overall we think that Circle Craft really pulled out all the stops in attracting a good selection of clothing and accessory designers from other provinces as well as BC. They may also have been a beneficiary of the fact that One of Kind cancelled this year ‘s winter show. Maybe a name change to the National Circle Craft show is in order.

Next week we focus on the accessories at Circle Craft.

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