Former Vivienne Westwood Intern uses Eco Prints

A look at a Vancouver Eco Designer’s  Fall/Winter 2012/13 Collection and Store on West 4th Avenue in Vancouver gives us insight into Nicole Bridger’s philosophy. The F/W collections were introduced on the stage at the Vogue Theatre in the form of an ethereal dance as part of Eco Fashion Week.  The dance was an interesting way to present the collection and showed the movement and versatility of the clothing.

 In store fashion show

The next viewing was at an in store fashion show on women with “real bodies”. This gave us a  close-up look of the fit, fabrics and colours. The  Nicole Bridger collection consisted on a number of modified favourites from past collections in burgundy, dark blue and taupe. The new items were in a lovely eco silk flower prints in brown and off white used for dresses, skirt, pants and top. Seeing the clothes on real women gave us a realistic picture of how they may look on us.


Trends that could be seen in the collection were the colours  of burgundy, dark blue and taupe, definitely colours for this season. The  Vision coat reflected the international trends of the larger, unstructured coat ( Proenza Schouler, Chole). The flowered pants, teamed up with the  brown flowered skirt and the off white flowered top follows the trend of  wearing patterned pants with skirts in the same print (Vivienne Westwood,  Louis Vuitton). Also winter garden prints are a trend (Bottega Veneta, Burberry ). The Goddess dress and skirts form a modified bubble bottom reflective of the silhouette for Fall/Winter 2013/14. The uplifting cardi could be worn to have a modified peplum in the back (Dior, Lanvin). Another trend for this season.

 The store

The store on West 4th Avenue is light and airy with off white painted walls, concrete floor and  reclaimed wood shelves. Clothing is hung on each side, below the shelves. The store design and  building materials are Eco friendly. If you want to renovate your store in an Eco friendly way, ensure your contractor uses paint, glues, wood stains that have low Volatile Organic compounds (VOC) as they do not emit gases into the indoor space that can be harmful. Other materials that are important to take note of are flooring that is Low VOC such as concrete (used in the store) ceramic tiles (use water based grout and fixative), marmoleum or bamboo.

Do not use carpets especially foam underlay.  A 100% wool area rug with wool pad underlay is acceptable. Do not use any particleboard unless you have to and ensure that all sides are sealed.  Be very careful with reclaimed wood as it may have mold. This advice  can also be applied to homes especially for young children, pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems. Nicole took the responsible approach by applying  some of these principles to her store design.

Window Display

The last  comment is the store windows, that are simple, with 3 mannequins . The clothing is changed often. Our recommendation is to mix it up a bit from time to time and use Arkade Window Designers to create a really eye catching window display, especially with all the foot traffic on 4th Avenue. Check out Nicole Bridger’s collection it is both Eco and on trend.

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