Eco Fashion Week-Quebec Designers show in Vancouver -Part 2

The third and last day of the fashion show part of Eco Fashion Week showed collections and accessories from six Quebec Eco-Fashion Designers, sponsored by the Government of Quebec. The Quebec government has put over $84 million over 5 years to support Quebec fashion and the City of Montreal spends $3 million on promoting Montreal fashion. The BC Government and the City of Vancouver spends $000.

It was a pleasure to see MYCO ANNA , RESSAC, RESPECTERRE, VOYOU & C5H8 by Ethik-BGC + atelier b. from Quebec. I liked the simple, well-made clothing from atelier b. I was intrigued by the styling and spoke to the designer who said most of the rope accessories were from a Quebec Designer but done in conjunction with atelier b. designs. MYCO ANNA had very interesting designs. The detail on a black top and skirt was very striking. Often Eco Designers use too many knits and they can become predictable, this designer used knits in a very interesting way.  The recycled rubber bags and belts from C5H8 by Ethik-BGC were really unique and again well made. I hope we can see more of what Quebec has to offer and perhaps have Vancouver Eco-Designers go to Montreal.

Two Vancouver favourites, Standing Armed and Adhesif were the last to show their collections. Standing Armed had lovely, simple dresses, skirts and jackets all accessorized with brass necklaces. The brocade fabric used in some of the designs looked like Indian sari material. Brocade is use extensively in the Baroque fashion trend. The designs were all simple and very wearable.

Adhesif, a long time Remaker designer, showed her quirky style with striped skirts, a scarf burgundy print  dress and a dress with striped bodice. All Spring/Summer 2013 trends. Fleuvog shoes and Bronsino belts were used to accessorize.

The last day of Eco Fashion Week was the speaker series that was well attended by students studying fashion and industry professionals. Social Alterations, a non-profit group, collects fabric ends that they sell every month to the public and designers. This prevents it from going into the landfill and provides affordable fabric for designers.

Greenpeace had an interesting presentation detailing the significant amount of pollution in rivers in China. The pollution and poisons are coming from the fabric processing and printing industry. SustainU gave us hope for the future with a new multi-million dollar plant in the USA that re-spins fibers from waste for all kinds of new products. Finishing off the speakers series was Mellissa from Adhesif  who walked us through her process of reclaiming fabric from used clothing and remaking it into something fabulous.

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  1. I came here searching for something else, but this inspired me regardless. Enthusing stuff!

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