Jaqueline Conoir- It’s all about the fabric and the details

Jaqueline Conoir (JC) studio on 164 West Fifth Avenue in Vancouver was a light and airy space with a view of the downtown.  The street level, ground floor has all the Fall/Winter 2012/13 Jaqueline Conoir collection and the edgier JAC collection, both designed by RozeMerie Cuevas.

The Jaqueline Conoir turquoise inspired motorcycle jacket in a wool blend caught my attention right away. The softer silhouette with the wool blend fabric would appeal to someone who wanted the look but not the hard edge. In the same fabric, was a coat with a modified funnel neck and zipper closure. I loved the fabric of the modified wrap dress with a Moroccan mosaic print (see Spring/Summer 2013 forecast) and the grey/black suit with a soft plaid and black border print with a modified peplum at the back.  The peplum and plaids are another Fall/Winter 2012/13 trend.

The JAC Fall/Winter 2012/13 , an edgier collection, featured legging/pants with multiple zippers paired with a grey textured top, a black jacket with 5 zippers reflecting the black hard edge trends for winter. A white print dress with an aysemetrical neckline was a real contrast to the harder edged clothing.

Spring/Summer 2013 was shown, a few week ago, to the press and the many, loyal RozeMerie followers. I was fortunate to have a look at the sample collection on Tuesday and was struck by the fabrics, details and choices available. The Jaqueline Conoir collection features a coat, jacket, skirt and a vest with a modified peplum back. It is in linen like cotton with red button and grosgrain ribbon detail in both black/ off white or red/ off white. In the show, it was paired with a black and white top with a futurism print. Another futurism fabric was a print dress in blue, acid green and purple it was pared with a boucle, plaid jacket. A painterly print in either red/blues or purple/yellows/greens also caught my eye.

The JAC collection had several interesting prints and details. A dress and skirt were in an indigo print that reminded me of New Zealand Maori tattoos. The way the print was used in the skirt created a faux dropped waist. Dropped waist has been a trend for the last two seasons and continues into the next few seasons. Another interesting print was a soft triangle print that reminded me of the Prada print used in the winter collection but with a softer look. Details that stood out on the jackets were the lacing on both sides and silver stud detail with an asymmetrical funnel neck.

The winter collections can be purchased online which makes it available to a much larger client base. RozeMerie Cuevas, who trained at ESMOD in Paris, has stayed true to her design style. She has made multiple changes to her business, resulting in an ability to stay in an ever-changing market. Check out her collections, you will be sure to find something you love.


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