Designer uses models with “real bodies” for Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Malene Grotrain, a Vancouver Designer, unveiled her Fall/Winter 2012 collection at Performance Works on Tuesday. The collection was shown on women with “real bodies” who modeled some interesting designs that can be worn several different ways. The first piece I took note of was the Windcatcher chiffon dress that can worn as a scarf, worn with a belt over a simple shift dress and transform the shift into an interesting dress and worn as a flowing shawl.

Another chiffon dress that can be adapted is the Keyhole dress that can worn with a deep V over a short shift or with the deep V at the back. Interestingly, Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton used a plaid with a similar feel in his Spring/Summer 2013 line. Malene is ahead of the trends.

I also liked the removable peplum belt over a bustier and a pencil skirt that gives the impression of a peplum dress but each piece can be worn separately. Smart thinking and it gives you the maximum flexibility.

When I visited  the studio, she demonstrated the versatility of a red wool jacket with a peplum back. The collar can be worn in at least three different ways. The style remained me of a twist on a red riding jacket. You can purchase any of the designs directly from the studio. Check out the website for details.

Several new items were announced, one was a magazine, and another was custom service that means you can have your wedding dress or other special occasion clothing designed especially for you. Malene is from Denmark where she completed her design studies at Teko Centre and  studied design and art in Italy.  An intelligent designer who knows her market. Lucky for us she settled in Vancouver.


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