Window display-Number one on consumer list of fashion influencers

In a survey of BC consumers, conducted by Ipsos Reid, consumers listed their sources of fashion information. The top four influences were:

1. Window-shopping

2. Street Fashion

3. Friends & family

4. Online research

Window Displays being the number one fashion influencer, how do Vancouver’s fashion store windows stack up?  We were walking on W. Broadway and came across a window display at On Time Optical that stopped us in our tracks. This is what we found:

Mr. Zuheir Merali, owner of On time Optical has been using Arkade Displays for a while now. He spoke about the effect it had on the people passing his shop with some coming in and others taking photos. He has his windows changed every three months.  They also have some great deals on  glasses frames.  Any small retail shop, to have a competitive advantage, should be using a professional window display company. Do not do it yourself. Quick, give Arkade a call.  Another thought, if you have a booth at a craft show, maybe Arkade can help you design a great booth that can be used at other craft shows. See some of the other windows they have done in Vancouver:

2 Responses to “Window display-Number one on consumer list of fashion influencers”
  1. Bev says:


    Thank you so much!!

    On Time Optical

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  1. […] . The clothing is changed often. Our recommendation is to mix it up a bit from time to time and use Arkade Window Designers to create a really eye catching window display, especially with all the foot traffic on 4th Avenue. […]

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