So you want to increase you sales and exposure – Where is your marketing strategy?

It is not only the 3 P’s Price, Product and Promotion

I am often surprised to learn that many small businesses, both retailers and independent fashion designers, do not have a marketing plan. Along with a business plan, this is one of the most important documents for long-term success of your business. When I ask the question “what type of market research did you do before or when you first opened your business” many say “none”. Did you test your product, concept or your sample designs with your target market before you invested in your business, again the answer is no. There is a number of questions we typically ask to assess what is working and what is not. This helps me to see where the holes are before designing a Marketing Plan. We have listed a couple of questions we ask a designer or retailer.

Make it interesting for your consumers to visit your store – or designer outlet – display and corporate banding and consumer knowledge goes hand in hand

(Simplicty of Hermes – you want to stop for this window – interesting display – what is the product – want to see more – who is your customer – new simple display with focus on brand – and above all low cost!)

Who is your customer? – TrendFashions advises retailers and designers on critical information you may need to collect in order to be successful in your business and key market information to be collected.  When shoppers come into your store you may need to pull together a profile on your clients and incorporate this in your marketing and advertising strategy. We can help you in this process

How can your reach them?  Obviously many designers and retailers will collect emails addresses, but can you target your advertising and marketing message more effectively?  Do you take into account your customer’s demographic profile and what do you send to them.  TrendFashions advises retailers and designers on how to position you message effectively to your clients.

How often do I change the message and image? Is my brand becoming boring, what about my retail outlet, what about changing the message from season to season and from customer demographic group to demographic group.  Is my business becoming too predictable.  TrendFashion works with designers and retailers to bring out the right message, from store display to e-mail blitz

Do I need a Marketing Plan.  Our answer is yes.  Many have heard about business plans – that s good for the banker.  Our response is a marketing plan is good for business as it will bring in customers and generate sales.  A business plan (for the banker) is as good as the marketing plan.  TrendFashion advocate a marketing plan over a business plan, no marketing means no business whether you are a designer or a fashion retailer.

Branding and getting the consumer come to you is critical.  Different strategies on advertising, combined with branding and displays will get a punch to your business.  What did you do lately, how did your displays project your corporate image, did it attract customers? TrendFashion1 advises designers and retailers.


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