Vancouver and BC fail to support Fashion

There are a lot of great Fashion Designers in Canada. Fashion design is supported extensively in cities like Montreal allocating $3 million per year for fashion (Province of Quebec has a 5 year budget of $84 million allocated over 5 years to support fashion) and Toronto funds a Fashion Incubator and micro loans and grants for Fashion Designers. Both cities have a full time person on staff who looks after the apparel industry . Vancouver and British Columbia is lagging behind in supporting the industry and promoting the entrepreneurship of our Vancouver Designers. But how does  the City of Vancouver and Province of BC support this industry? With little to nothing. $16.8million is given to the arts but nothing to fashion.  So we rely on you, our fashionista’s, retailers and designers in putting our home grown fashions on the map.

Witness the most recent Men’s Week Fashion Week, which brought together for a second year in a row a number of independent designers  follow the links and see what designers like Katherine Soucie , Denise Wilson, Yasuhiro Tomita, Steve Samson, Morgan-Lee Lewis, Meagan Therese Squire, Nicole Guzzo, Christina Ferrante, Risa Nagashima, Miwa Ishise, Zuzana Hrubosova, Theresa Chen, Frederick Fung have been working on for this mens fashion show.  Together they showed their men’s fashion line for  Spring/Summer 2013

This fashion show came together with the support of many, many volunteers and was delivered to Vancouver on a shoe string budget, a remarkable feat by a number of very dedicated volunteers. The fashion show took place at the Museum of Vancouver, an excellent venue, as this contemporary museum has hosted fashion exhibits from years past. What a better way to show case our current and upcoming fashion designers.

4 Responses to “Vancouver and BC fail to support Fashion”
  1. SpeakoutBC says:

    Typically Vancouver, always a “Johnny come late to the scene” No leadership. A city that pretends to be green but does not want to support home grown industry. As if fashion design is not an art. But what can you expect from a group of close minded City Councillors. Scouci collection was great and how innovative and that was real recycling (not bottle collecting).

  2. John says:

    The Vancouver fashion industry is full of fake individuals who claim to support local businesses and designers yet a good portion of will can be seen shopping in Bellingham and Seattle on the weekends at stores such as Nordstrom Rack, Ross and the outlets for their “designer” outfits. Being “green” and “local” are buzz words that are thrown around this city to look cool and fit in yet few people truly support what they claim to promote.

  3. passedoutdog says:

    Such a disappointment, I live in Vancouver and I’m about to dive into the fashion industry, I was actually looking for something similar to the Fashion Incubator Toronto, but no luck so far…

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