Menswear Forecast Spring/Summer 2013/14

Trend Fashions Marketing & Forecasting presented a fashion forecast for 2013/14 Menswear at Men’s Fashion Week in Vancouver. The five influences presented and discussed help fashion designers and retailers to understand where their customer fits and how to have product that fits into their customer’s unique lifestyle. The presentation focused on life style and market influences, five major trends and  the details :

– Crafting, a new take on the arts and craft movement

*Miwa Ishise

-Minimalism – modernity and simplicity

– Remakers –  redesign high quality vintage clothing creating a  new garment

 *Katherine Soucie  Denise Wilson

-Traditionalist-  want the original and the best

*Steve Samson

The five major trends were the 1980’s revisited with jackets, pants and tops with strong graphics, higher waists and accessories. Tweed Biking with tailored tweed and cotton jackets and plaid shorts. Cuban Chic for both casual and work wear focuses on exotic shades and tropical graphics. The 70’s two colour, with modern graphics . For those who want to think about Gillian’s Island  there is Treasure Island with faded, salted blues and palm tree graphics.

Trend Fashion Marketing & Forecasting assist fashion designers and retailers in marketing and trend forecast in colours, silhouettes, design ideas . For a detailed trend forecast contact Trend Fashion Marketing & Forecasting For further information on our  trend and marketing service to industry and retailers, contact

* Photos: Nicole Bienvenu

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